Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trying Again

Apparently I am not a very good blogger.... way too long since I last updated. It's not that I don't think about posting.. I "write" lots of posts in my head, just never put them in my text box.

Here goes:

Things my Mom taught me (part 1):

Nearly everything I know about baseball I learned from my mom- Mom was a diehard Baltimore Orioles fan. We started following the Birds from Spring exhibition games on the radio. To this day I believe baseball play-by-play is better on the radio then watching a game on TV. My Orioles were Boog Powell at first base, Davey Johnson at 2nd, Mark Belanger at shortstop and Brook Robinson at third. Frank Robinson, Paul Blair and Don Buford in the outfield and Andy Etchebarren and Elrod Hendricks catching one amazing pitching staff that included Jim Palmer, Mike Cuellar and Dave McNally (who along with Pat Dobson made for four 20 game winners in the '71 regular season. Three years straight (69, 70 and 71) the O's were in the World Series- Losing to the Mets, beating the Reds and losing to the Pirates. I remember going out into our yard and crying after the the O's lost in '71.

A year or so later a big envelope addressed to me arrived in the mail- it was an autographed picture of Boog Powell- " to Stephanie, good luck to you and your Denton Demons softball team- John "Boog" Powell -Mom met Joe Hamper an executive with the Orioles at party at a neighbors and told him about her daughter who played first base and idolized Boog Powell.

I played first base from 4th grade to high school to college and womens fast pitch leagues. Now that I'm over 50 I've settled for intramural slow pitch... still playing first base.

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