Saturday, September 15, 2007

Socnet birthday

"Yesterday it was my birthday. I hung one more year on the line. I should be depressed, my life is a mess...but I'm having a good time." Paul Simon

A few years ago I treated myself to a mac laptop and airport extreme for my birthday. I sat in my backyard downloading songs on iTunes for a birthday playlist and I thought "How cool is this!" Wireless access to just about anything...books, dvds, music, email-lots of stuff...but to a community-never entered my mind. In April 2007 I entered the world of social networking through twitter. I was a very cautious twit, checking out the public timeline and watching tweets via twittervision. I added educators who were involved in web 2.0 (at the time I had no idea what web 2.0 was) and gradually grew a friends list. I fell in with a rowdy group of twitter knitters and pirates who celebrated Stripper Friday. My first blog arrived in May......Second Life and Facebook soon followed and one day I woke up in the socnet!

Yesterday was my first birthday celebrated via web 2.0. Birthday wishes on twitter; constant pokes, stickynotes, hugs, drinks, messages, and gifts on Facebook; a cell phone birthday serenade from @preppydude; and sharing my birthday cake last night with my twitter friends. I had a day-long birthday party! and I still have the big wide grin and the warm fuzzies thanks to friends across the ether.

PS I also now expect my family and friends to sing "Happy Birthday dear geosteph....."


Connie Reece said...

It was fun being part of your socnet birthday, Steph. Even if I did have to jump over a few people to make sure I got a piece of that chocolate cake before it was gone. I guess with virtual cake, though, it lasts as long as you need it to. :)

fleasha said...

Hello new Twitter Friend,
So glad you had a birthday, otherwise I wouldn't have had any cake or met yet another geologist. I'm not a geologist, but I am surrounded by them at work. Some rock people are quiet and weird, whole others ROCK! like you. :)

glad to have been a part of celebrating your birthday!

Ann said...

All of this does make a person wonder. Such a collection of people from all parts with all sorts of jobs and interests but parts that intersect. It started with Twitter..then Facebook put some of our real names out there and opened up the poking and the Scrabbling between us all.

I love it that Facebook keeps a list of birthdays to celebrate. We all find ways to jump in and make the day special for friends in our socnet family.


P.S. I had no clue about web 2.0, new media or socnets before Twitter..I think they are just making this stuff up. :o)

Marti said...

What a joy to read about your social network birthday party! I'm delighted for you and was happy I got to send you good wishes in a couple of places. May you have many, many more!

Peace and happiness to you!

Thelma said...

so sorry i missed it! my life's been in turmoil and should be falling into place shortly.

sounds like you had fun! =)